Red River Review

Our featured poet for May 2014 is Alan Berecka

1Of Suffering and Idiots by Alan Berecka
2Out of Our Depths by Alan Berecka
3Poetry 101 by Alan Berecka
4The Art of the Deal by Alan Berecka
5Throwing Stones by Alan Berecka
6For Maggie in Mississippi, 1978 by Leigh Allen
7Pig Truck by Leigh Allen
8The Anatomy of Silence by Jeff Arnett
9In Georgetown, Penang by Byron Beynon
10For a Beautiful Girl at the Zoo by Bob Bradshaw
11Birthday by Erin Brown
12The Distance Between Rooms by Barbara Caceres
13Changin' Times by Hal C Clark
14Cane by Joan Colby
15Beheaded Sheep Figurine by JD DeHart
16Detour by Robert Ferrier
17Our Lady of the Angels of Collioure by James Gaines
18Colors Becoming Canyon by Wendy Gist
19Nursery by Taylor Graham
20Teasers Cabaret by J. Todd Hawkins
21Small Deaths by Krikor Der Hohannesian
22Going Back by Jessica Housand-Weaver
23Enduring Memories by Michael Keshigian
24Moonlight by Michael Keshigian
25After 'Painting the Gate' by May Swenson by Phil Kirby
26The Office at Four in the Afternoon by Kathryn Lester-Bacon
27Laundromat by Tony Magistrale
28Circle by Ricki Mandeville
29Night Road Home by Ricki Mandeville
30Black Box by Louise McKenna
31Antarctica by Rachael Mead
32Casting Nets: Gulf of Akaba: Sinai by Hagop Merjian
33What Happens Now? by Penny Michalski
34America was founded on mobility by Thomas Murphy
35Rout by James Owens
36The Green Man by Sebastian H Paramo
37A Piece of Glass by Jeannine Pitas
38 Asides to Walt Whitman, where Brooklyn Ferry Intersects the Seventh Circle of Dante's Hell by Estill Pollock
39Ghost Story by Charles Rammelkamp
40Not Understanding War by Carol Ann Ravert
41we swam for joy by Jack Ritter
42Deluge by John Roth
43First world problems by John Roth
44My Date With Death by Theresa Smart
45Anniversary of a Narrow Escape by Cheryl Snell
46Untitled true story by Alex Stolis
47To make a love poem by Robin Turner
48Sleeping Hot by Loretta Diane Walker
49Summer Outage Inside by Diane Webster
50Anniversary of the Death of a Blended Family by Mary Wehner
51Still Each Windy October Day by Mary Wehner
52Quieted by Marilyn Westfall
53Raining Again, on the Main Street by Changming Yuan

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.