Red River Review - November 2000

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1Don't Bother the Romans by Jeffrey C. Alfier
2Precision-Guided Munitions - - Fourteen Second Flight to Dispossession by Jeffrey C. Alfier
3Three Brothers Under Sail by Jeffrey C. Alfier
4OLD MAN SAVARESE by Joseph Aprile
5In the Mountains by Danny Patrick Barbare
6The Loss - North Dakota by Will Brulé
8Thinking about certain things. by Ian J Daw
9Gardening Song by Holly Lalena Day
10Ninety Four Percent Humility by Elizabeth Domike
11Evening Report by david harbilas
12Grieving by david harbilas
13For Those Who Would Feed My Third World People by Lisa Haynes
14Making Light Of Madness by Lisa Haynes
15Untitled by Rebecca Hyland
16Late, Late Summer by Larry Johnson
17Riverboat, 8/4/2000 by Larry Johnson
18Leaving by Kirk Jones
19Ghost of the Palace Library by Deborah P Kolodji
20The Pyschiatrist Running Lane 12 by Karen Laven
21Footprints by Cristina Lopez
22Limit by David M. Matthews
23Nothing Is Known But . . . by David M. Matthews
24Night Sky (Triolet) by Jade Dartanian McLaren
25On the way to Rainy Pass-- by Tom Moore
26The House by Daniel A. Olivas
27Undone by Laurence Overmire
28I Have Gone Marking by J. Oscar Polanco
29Catering by Jennifer Poteet
30I'm Not Bitter by Jennifer Poteet
31bugs by Rex Pryor
32Primal Wish by Janice Rose
33Literary History by Anthony Seidman
34Artist Proof by John Sokol
35Sawdust by John Sokol
36The Barrier by Joy Song
37Uncle Bert's Pictures by Twyla Turnbow Sorrells
38Un(en)titled by Karen Stromberg
39August by Doug Tanoury
40Autumn In August by Doug Tanoury
41I Know When My Mind Ain't Right by David Samuel Thomas
42GRACE by Chad Vandiver
43Crashing by Kenneth Wanamaker
44The Garden by Kenneth Wanamaker
452 haiku by Desimber Williams
46hook, line and smoke by Yosh _

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