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1Embarcation by Jeffrey Alfier
2Oh They Remember Daddy by Frank Anthony
3Mehndi (Henna) by Jessica Banas
4Funeral Flowers by Mary Lou Buschi
5Silent Prayer by Mary Lou Buschi
6The First Child by Barry Curtis
7The Morning of the Sandwich Fair by Robert H. Demaree_Jr.
8Wash Away the Poet in Me by J. V. Foerster
9Again, You (Automatic Reverie #2) by Michael K. Gause
10Broken Promises by Ellen Goldsmith
11On The Dock by Ellen Goldsmith
12Calling The Seasons by Taylor Graham
13Exercise by Taylor Graham
14Ultrasound by Taylor Graham
15Two Players by David Harbilas
16Hunting Season by Dan Harnett
17The Study by Dale Jordan Heath
18Halitosis Poets by Taylor Johnson
19Carnival by Michael Keshigian
20Poem: Machiya by Paul Kloppenborg
21Mass Grave by Kenjiro Kurpiel
22One day, one summer by Diane Lapsley
23Souvenirs of the Spirit by Charles Levenstein
24Coffee poems by Leon Lowder
25ESL by Leon Lowder
26A Gentle Ferocity by Carole MacRury
27real by Travis Jon Mader
28Grandfather's Souvenirs of War by Walt McDonald
29In the Mountains with Cousins at Five by Walt McDonald
30Time to Brand and Move On by Walt McDonald
31Reed of Dreams by Patrick Meighan
32A Good Job by Daniel A. Olivas
33Green Soldier by Daniel A. Olivas
34Catharsis by Keleigh Patterson
35Flight From A Tree by Keleigh Patterson
36Night by G. L. Pettigrew
37del rio by Rex Pryor
38Viet Nam (acrostic) by Paul Puskarich
39Rain Dance by Coleen Shin
40What Is True by Elizabeth Simson
41No Father by Carl H. Slater
42The Fat Girl's Abecedary by David Starkey
43Give It Up by Preston Mark Stone
44Overpass by Karen Stromberg
45For April, In The Season of Loss by John Sweet
46You Are Defined by John Sweet
47Bull Riders by Larry D. Thomas
48#109 by Greg Thompson
49Snake Handling at Mt. Zion Church by John M. Valentine
50Air Afrique by Chad Vandiver
51Words of Repression by Philip Vassallo
52Photograph: Ellen Walton by Rodney Waschka_II
53Photograph: Julia Osgothorpe by Rodney Waschka_II
54Anatomy Lesson by Megan Webster
55Jacaranda Whimsy by Megan Webster
56Top Stories by Megan Webster

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