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1Road Rage by Uma Asopa
2Mary's Little Lamb by Nathan A. Baker
by Kathryn T. S. Bass
4Prairie Dogs by John I. Blair
5Appetite of a Dead Connoisseur by Julie Bolt
6The Earring by Beau Boudreaux
7Vestibule by Brian Boyce
8Winter boats and beards by Brian Boyce
9Exit by Michael Catherwood
10We all have a little sadness inside by Jocelyn Fuller Chrisley
11Circle Dancing by Rosemarie Crisafi
12Gods on the Ridge by Rosemarie Crisafi
13A Redwing Blackbird for a City Girl by Anita Dellaria
14Angler by Cy Dillon
15Answer to a Flower's Existential Dilemma by Katie Fesuk
16The Needle's Dance by Alan Greenwood
17Aruna by Ashok Gupta
18I Think Back Upon This Life Lived Mainly in the Trees by Steve Klepetar
19Icarus Eloping by Steve Klepetar
20Long Swim by Bryce Lillmars
21Shasta Peak by Ashok Niyogi
22coffee shop patio by Stanley M Noah
23Fire Ants by Stanley M Noah
24Society Needs a New Editor by Stanley M Noah
25Inquisition by Michael Nowicki
26Remembrance Day by Michael Nowicki
27I can't get this grotesque image out of my mind by Laura Petersen
28An Animal Death by G. L. Pettigrew
29Foreign Policy by Daniel Priest
30The Boy on the Corner by Brenda Roberts
31What I Want to Say by Samuel Salerno
32The Pond In The Woods by Joanna Catherine Scott
33The Right Tempo by Andrew Slattery
34Daughter, Walk Cautious by Barbara Ann Smith
35Mother and Me by Barbara Ann Smith
36No Chitchat by Barbara Ann Smith
37Point Defiance by Laura L. Snyder
38Raccoons by Laura L. Snyder
39The Turkey Divines by Laura L. Snyder
40The Day She Couldn't Reach the Phone by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
41The Peaceable Fridge by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
42House by Gary Charles Wilkens

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