Red River Review

1Errand by Jeff Arnett
2Wild Poppies by Sandy Benitez
3An Hour by Travis Blair
4Quaaludes by Travis Blair
5The New Apartment by Sander Blome
6Bad Fall by Jonathan Bolick
7Instinct by Antonia Clark
8Landlady #3 by Tobi Cogswell
9After the Water by Bebe Cook
10Morning Rationalization by Jim Davis
11Dish Set by Anna Donovan
12Meditation by David Filer
13Evening Passage by Bridget Gage-Dixon
14Winning the Pulitzer by Zach Gomes
15A New Home by Taylor Graham
16Where are you suppose to go with your plastic bags by Niels Hav
17Wild Rabbits by Doug Hiser
18Paper Plate by Alicia Hoffman
19The Madwoman Sits by Ann Howells
20We Watched the Lights by Jason Irwin
21Spider web by Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa
22Eating Up Time by Charles Kesler
24Home by Emily Kurn
25Will The Angels Please Take Note by David LaBounty
26Faulty Replacement by Paula LaCour
27In Contrast by Elizabeth McBride
28sometimes by JB Mulligan
29Diving Below the Dam by Nick Norwood
30Main Street, from the Water Tower by Nick Norwood
31Baby Eating Watermelon Very Funny by John O'Reilly
32Despite His Love by Neal Ostman
33Fold by Puma Perl
34When The Slut Stripped by Ashok Rajamani
35Variable Star by Ysabel de la Rosa
36Snake by Paul J. Sampson
37Can You Read Blackberries? by Rufus A. Skeens
38A Family Reduced by Ian C Smith
39Lex Luthor writes a farewell letter to Superman by Alex Stolis
40Smashed by Karen Stromberg
41Highway 110 by Benjamin Sutton
42That Indie Edge by Elizabeth Kate Switaj
43It will happen this Monday between landings two and three by Abigail F. Taylor
44An Old Fart Remembers by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
45Questioning the Typing Teacher by Scott Wiggerman
46Justice by Winston Willis
47Location, Location, Location by Ralph Tejeda Wilson
48Odysseus and the Answering Machine by Robert Wynne

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.