Red River Review

1Art Lesson / Lección de arte by Ysabel de la Rosa
2Family Tree / Árbol de familia by Ysabel de la Rosa
3Feeling There While Being Here / En el estado de no estar by Ysabel de la Rosa
4Stilled / Calmada by Ysabel de la Rosa
5There Are Times When / Hay veces cuando by Ysabel de la Rosa
6Widow's Watch by John Abbott
7Cause of a Poem by Andrea L. Alterman
8Moses by Nathan A. Baker
9Sensual Aging by Barry Basden
10Cable TV by Dennis Bernstein
11The Alzheimers mind by Dennis Bernstein
12At Thirty-Two by Christie Bingham
13Boldy, He Utters by Terry Cox-Joseph
14Waif by Terry Cox-Joseph
15Reading Her Neruda's Ode To The Artichoke by Brian Cudzilo
16Graveyard at the School for the Deaf by William CullenJr
17All That I know About Four o’clocks by Grace Curtis
18Ned Said, in the Corner Booth at S&G’s Cafe by Jim Davis
19Revolution by Jim Davis
20Decline by Holly Day
21Death in Olympia by John DesCamp
22The Library by John DesCamp
23Afghanistan Confessions 10 by Victor Enns
24Afghanistan Confessions 14 by Victor Enns
25January 27, 2011 by David Filer
26BOOM! by Ricky Garni
27Death on a River by Ken Hada
28The Purist by Heather Harris
29Christmas Tree by William Wright Harris
30Ode to a Taco by William Wright Harris
31 A night of Russian Theater at the Jewish Community Center by Rae Hoffman
32The madwoman cannot sleep by Ann Howells
33"Happy Holler" by Rachel Jennings
34"Havana" by Rachel Jennings
35"Mariachi" by Rachel Jennings
36"Taxi" by Rachel Jennings
37In The Stars by Michael Keshigian
38Mixed Metaphor by Charles Kesler
39Popeye's Remedy for War's Aftermath by Charles Kesler
40The Prince of Purpose by Charles Kesler
41Ode to my Leftover Eggs by Myra King
42No I Haven't by Laura Grafham Knapp
43Lunchtime Hierophany by Charles S. Kraszewski
44Je Ne Parle Pas by Mary Leonard
45In Bahia by Rodney Terich Leonard
46Flavor Of The Month by Cynthia Ruth Lewis
47Why Did the Wild Turkey Cross the Road? by Joanne Lowery
48A proper scar by Bridget Lutherborrow
49Sweetie Pie (A Jilted Woman's Christmas Poem) by Estel Lyons
50The Blank Page by Timothy Maloney
51Bitter Fruit by Jean McLeod
52Tattered Blue Endings by Jean McLeod
53The Time the Lightning Went Down Mountain Street by Andre John Narbonne
54Indian Charm by Amit Parmessur
55Poking Tar with Popsicle Sticks by Jeannine M. Pitas
56Yerma by Jeannine M. Pitas
57castaway by Sean Pravica
58Last call for fireflies by Barbara Purbaugh
59November wet by - S-
60The Return by Sonia Saikaley
61The Sounds by Sonia Saikaley
62At the Remembering 9/11 Exhibit (on a photograph by Eugene Richards) by Jim Schneider
63Cannon Fodder by Dawn Schout
64Countless by Dawn Schout
65Fade to Black by Ann Falcone Shalaski
66Small Forever by Ann Falcone Shalaski
67Understanding by C. Shepherd-O'Callaghan
68Illicit Affair by Chandni Singh
69Downtown by J.R. Solonche
70Upon Reading Your Poem “Red” by Leah Stenson
71PRINCETON, 1954 by Tim Suermondt
72The Belt of Santa Claus by Denver Ejem Torres
73Artificial Garden by Lindsey Walker
74Signs Following by Lindsey Walker
75crying at the poetry reading by Rob Walker
76Office Hours by Jessica L. Walsh
77Basic Training by P. J. Williams
78Bill Collector by Madonna Wilt
79The Day the Trees Fell by Pui Ying Wong

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.