Red River Review

Our featured poet for
November 2016 is Ace Boggess.

1Barbarella by Ace Boggess
2In the Theater by Ace Boggess
3Two Tickets to Mountain Stage by Ace Boggess
4"Do You Like Yourself?" by Ace Boggess
5“When Will Day Fall Open Again?” by Ace Boggess
6The Invigilator by David Adès
7The Sick Child by Shazia Ali
8The Borough of bourbon, brass, and old brasses by Jonathan Beale
9Dia de Muertos by Nina Bennett
10Small Questions on Matters of the Infinite by Alan Berecka
11The Capra Conundrum by Alan Berecka
12The Point of No Return by Alan Berecka
13Yellow Leaves on the Siedwalk by Peter Bloch-Hansen
14Quiet night on the island by Rose Mary Boehm
15A Sonnet on Sewage by Jerry Bradley
16Neva's Journal by Lanette Cadle
17Orange by Lanette Cadle
18Summer Friend by Ann E. Diviney
19Exhale by Richard Fenwick
20Old Men on Tuesday Mornings by Lyman Grant
21Broken Clocks by D.A. Gray
22All Mine by John Grey
23Famous And Dead by John Grey
24untitled villanelle by Michael Helsem
25First Snow, Two Inches by Lynn Hoggard
26Calling by Michael Keshigian
27The Unfather by Charles Kesler
28Another Mistake by Laurence Musgrove
29Progressions by Robert Nisbet
30The Blue Roan by Neal Ostman
31Oma's Face by Nynke Passi
32A Focal Point by Brady Peterson
33Carbon by Brady Peterson
34Locked Spirits of 9.11.01 by Nanette Rayman
35fun in the lab: the night I tried to masturbate with electricity by Jack Ritter
36Follow? by Jeff Santosuosso
37The Opossum by Carl Wade Thompson
38Redemption by Ron Wallace
39Renegade by Ron Wallace
40Love Song for the Terminally Maladjusted by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
41Sonnet of a Sort, for Our Times by Richard Zaner

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.