Red River Review November 1999

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1--clast (to break) by Liza Bachman
2Eyes like pigeons by Liza Bachman
3Opheliac by Liza Bachman
4SOUNDS by elaine blodgett
5Searching for Scent by Jeanne P. Donovan
6Inorganic by Steve Gerstung
7Refrigerator Art by Steve Gerstung
8Digging by Peter Huggins
9The Biltmore House Peace Accord by Peter Huggins
10The Naturalist Fabre Observes the Scorpions' Dance of Death by Peter Huggins
12legacy by Tobey Kaplan
13Amagon, Arkansas by Ed Madden
14Clay Marble by Ed Madden
15The difference the rain makes by Ed Madden
16A Fascination in On-Coming Cars by Michael McClintick
17Visiting the Globe Theatre by Michael McClintick
18The Gentle Fire by L. David Ryals

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