Water & Heidegger
by Carole Mora

Today I have to go out for water and Heidegger,
my cats are fighting - I'm tired. There are no
orchards near the window, no well,
and it has hardly rained this winter. The water
dispenser at the corner market will take
my quarters, then I'll sneak into the carwash
and use the change machine there to fill
the film canister I keep them in - my camera
loaded, but going out to capture the world
is not on my list of things to do today.
I'm helping my son research Heidegger
for a paper he's writing. There's one copy
of Being and Time in the non-fiction section
of the library -- so, I might as well go
before noon and stop this swooning. The clouds
don't care, and I could be lying about everything.

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