by Greg Braquet

because there was never an Able, only Cane,

because we are hatched with blood in our mouths and never out grow its taste,

because old Berlin will become everything new again,

because we all make love to the mask,

because a majority of our sleep is filled with blackness, not dreams,

because we are comfortable in the pack, in the mob, in the herd,

because the pull of gravity is stronger than the float of faith,

because we could not pick out God in a line-up to save our souls,

because skulls planted in Cambodia can sprout anywhere,

because we believe in a better tomorrow without changing the day,

because evolution has never liked us,

because we continue to salivate after our bellies are full,

because the clay has washed away leaving nothing but bone,

because we are not immortal and therein lies the fear,

because our uniqueness is a myth as time continues to demonstrate,

because we create a history addicted to looking over its shoulder,

because sex is our only true ritual and love is our only true myth,

because we all outgrow our shells but never think to shed,

because boredom eventually catches up with us all,

because, just because.

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