Welcome to Sunset Slopes
by Paul J. Sampson

Thank you for choosing Sunset Slopes
to live out your declining years.
We're here to make your downhill slide
as trouble-free as gravity itself.

You have questions. New patrons always ask
if there is sex past sixty. Well, no;
for most folks, no, of course not.
Why do you think old fellows take up hobbies?
But everyone is different. You may be
the one coot in a hundred who can make
the nurses watch their step around him,
say "keep an eye on that one." Best of luck!

Food? No major problem there;
if your teeth still fit you pretty well,
you can eat a bit of almost anything
that's not too spicy or takes too much chewing.
Don't listen to the prune-juice jokes;
apple juice tastes better and works as well.

And so on through the senses. There's no need
to change your lifestyle as you slip downstream.
Nature takes care of that. She prunes away
desire, appetite, along with strength.
You'll scarcely feel the difference when they're gone.

And don't fear loss of memory. Who knows
what we'll remember? There's no need
to stop at memories of things, events,
victories that actually took place.
The past fans out forever, full of promise;
the future tapers to a single point.
Which one to live in? The choice
is easy, and it's yours. Enjoy your stay.

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