by David Bart

Here lies Pizza
the sweetest boy who ever lived

Mischief on marble stone

Silhouette and Lambchop
in a family plot
semper fi Toy Boy

Dynamite you broke our hearts
Pepper taught me to walk again
grave marked with a cement
bird bath and gold tennis trophy

Precious Hill was raised up
if tears could build a stairway
epitaph stenciled on a yard sale sign

Mister Bandit mixed breed
Christmas Snow in a section just for cats
Chigger full-blooded chihuahua

a greater voice than mine called
Wowee come home
plots are now available
between U-Store-It
and Truck Driver Safety School

we know he understood
written in black magic
marker on the sandwich bag
wrapping our blue parakeet
placed in the green dumpster
beyond these gates.

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