I Noticed
by Marti Noel

______the ivy curled
__________________of loose falling hair
______tumbling carelessly
____________from the tilted shelf
__________________above the broken chair;

______the atmosphere clung
____________a lover's breath,
__________________thick and wet
______as hidden memories
____________in the dark corners
__________________of a tussled bed;

______a ruffled breeze,
____________birds disturbed
__________________and taking flight
______passed silently
____________through fraying curtains
__________________drawn to darken morning's light;

______my body limp,
____________stripped clothes
__________________tossed carelessly aside
______in heated passion
____________when drunken lust
__________________and neediness collide;

______my jagged breath,
____________a fishhook
__________________caught in my lungs
______while your parting glance
____________a pregnant moment.

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