32 Tombstones
by Josj Osji

in december of 95 i lost my last tooth
rolling six times off a panamanian hi-way

six i had lost to rot. my front two to
an angry lumberjack in saint paul. four

taking a dive in atlantic city, because
i owed boss styx too much money, and

the 'mouthguard' was 'faulty'. I gave one
to a lover, a pulled pearl on dental floss.

it was on her neck during my first car crash;
i lost four teeth on the dash, and the one on

dental floss went through the window. three
never grew in. my mother said I didn't

eat enough spinach. my dad took two
with a tire iron when i was thirteen. a 'doctor'

took my four wisdoms, when i don't know. three
i lost in prison over four years – two

on cell-bars, one so sore my cell-mate
yanked it for me. the front two on the bottom,

a hockey incident when i was a kid, and
the two I haven't mentioned: lost at 27,

at 13th & broad, kind of by the fire escape.

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