You Make Me Consider All Things
by Cameron Witbeck

I’ve stopped listening to your slow jam
of adult alternative voices. But you know

that’s not true. I can’t sleep unless you breathe
fresh air into my lungs.

I say Lakshmi Singh’s name in the shower
because I like the way it feels

imagining her quiet, enunciated disappointment.
I can’t see you, but I picture the softest sweaters

possible and unmarred hands wrapped around
kitten-centric coffee cups, as you talk of nations.

This is listener-supported love; it doesn’t waver,
even when you ask for money. Some Sundays,

I find myself screaming for you to speak up.
I understand this is a one-way street

from radio to ventricle, but I can’t help
imagining you waltzing through my door

wearing nothing but a tote bag and a smile.

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