In The Taxi
by Victoria Valentine

I found myself
Dressed in nothing
But a pink striped towel
Wet hair
Damp skin.

Summer whispered
Thru the driver's
Open window;
An Indian man
Steering my fate
As well as a male fare's
Mute silhouette

"Drop me here" I muttered.
"I take the man first,"
full lips oozed
as dark eyes washed me,
the taxi gliding quickly
beyond my exit.

A dream is a dream is a dream
Ignorance is fantasy
Fear surged knowledge;
He appeared
In his car, for home we sped.
"What a dream!" I recalled as
cool sheets hugged my chin.

Reality wrestled nightmare
Morning peace--
My satin legs draped the bed
Feet crushing carpet
Stumbling with sleep.
A pink striped towel!
Stunned I froze--

"I respect your privacy
my friend,
you are not my lover" I advised the mute
as the taxi stole our destiny.

Salt breeze wiped my sweat
Distant currents roared
One by one the houselights
Each went out
A lantern rusted upon an upstairs table
I knew I'd never make it thru the darkness.

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