hook, line and smoke
by Yosh _

    I just flicked this cigarette
    all the way over the wall
    and into the courtyard
    of the property across the way.

    it was totally reaction
    as I was writing,
    yet I promised a woman
    just yesterday, that I wouldn’t
    do that anymore.

    I feel bad now
    and wish I had
    a cigarette fishing pole.

    I guess I could
    go down there
    jump the wall
    and get it myself.

    I don’t think I will though
    because its not about
    that one cigarette

    its about giving myself
    a little grief
    write a brief
    poem about it
    or something
    in order to move towards
    a change in I behavior


    1. I understand
    2. I promised
    3. The only reason I did it
       was because it was easy.


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