Hail Kissinger!
by Alexandra Moss Zannis

    Hail Kissinger, Defender of the Turks!
    You flaunt their wreath of poppies on your head
    as if it was a crown of royal jewels.
    But in your hands the flag of peace
    implants their seeds of death among our youth.

    New, self-hypnotized Paraclete,
    it's not the hand of God that guides your course,
    but megalomaniac powers burning deep.
    What devilish opium do you take
    to hue your egotistic smoke-filled dreams?

    Beware, O bungling barrister,
    of your mistake in spurning noble Greece --
    once brother, ally, succor to our cause.
    It will not always play the pawn
    in your ostentatious game of world chess!

    (Written in memory of the Cyprus invasion)


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