The Purpose of Feasting
by Ross Stager

The copper-glass growlers sit in rows
like meditating sages & today this
gastropub’s become a monastery
in a millennial’s mind.
We’re all too happy
to ponder conspiracy theories & other
analogs for the supernatural, dwell
on karmic principle, think about
what sin is to a Buddhist, that theodicy
& theosis are intrinsically interesting. Be here
enough to submit all this as evidence
to the Analytical Philosophers.

Those exposed pipes gleam even
from far away, as I couldn’t tell
any deaf architect. Our wait was
a fever & there’s no cure for
anticipation. Amazing you can sign
about more than just letters & civil
Eyes lock.
Pheromones discourse.

The state of nature is
a well-oiled machine.

What does a different symbol
of the ordinary mean in the mouth
of a beer-drunk life scientist?

Oh! Love on the other side
of the screen! Emotional object
of camerasight. My heart that
hates itself as words in the ears
of another. All the reason
in the world to freak out but
don’t. Excuse scatterbrain
& nightscar. Resume the meal.

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