That Indie Edge
by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

_________my anxiety doesn't sell
_____& even if the T-shirt did I'd still
_________have to go downstairs to let in the Chinese

_______________________my mom can't
_________she isn't racist she just
__needs a wheelchair
_________& the lift broke
_________while she was sleeping upstairs

___________& if my T-shirts sold
________someone would have to pay
___________to repair it
_____________& I'd be someone
_________curled by my window to a neighborhood less-fashionable
_________ than the less-fashionable parts of Brooklyn
___________but I'd still have to get up

my anxiety doesn't sell
I had to get up & door
& world & classes &
I didn't get up

the dishes are probably alive now
the sink stopped
& fuck I was suppose to rhyme
& metronome &
the toilet's overflowed again

I don't have any food

________________my anxiety doesn't sell
_________________I've killed, you know,
_________________your mercy depends
_________________on what I can prove

________________god I still owe the men
_______________who killed me for the bullets
__________________I used to kill

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