by Charles Kesler

Willie’s wife pulls up
at a street corner
where a homeless man
pushes his sign at her
She reaches in her glove
compartment and gets a copy
of Willie’s first book
and gives it to the man
and says “Here take this.
My husband almost became
homeless and now he’s written
this book. $1 cash please.”
(Willie’s plan is to sell a
million of his $1 books and
become a millionaire minus expenses.)
The reluctant man gives Willie’s wife
the dollar bill he received
from the previous car.
“This sure is a small book.
1 page,” the bum says.
“Willie’s a small man,
and the book will get bigger.
You are getting a first edition,”
Willie’s wife says.
“God bless you sir,” she says
as she drives away.
She does not hear him yelling,
“I can’t read lady. I can’t
read.” What he means is
he can’t focus enough to do
anything but write his sign.
He is quite animated
and Willie’s wife sees his
gyrations and gesticulations
in her rear view mirror. She
drives away smiling, thinking
of the power of inspiration.

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