Wild Rabbits
by Doug Hiser

All I ever did, all I remember, was silently walking by the dark water
Dreaming of a pretty girl
Dreaming of chasing wild rabbits
Dreaming of secretly spotting something suspiciously rare
All I came away with was the empty cold air

I wanted to fall desperately in chaotic raging insane love
Like the movies, like those books I read,
Like those people I saw holding hands at the zoo
Like the girls and boys in the back seat of the school bus
Like the way poets dreamed

I remember sixteen, I remember blond hair as soft as rabbit fur
I sat far out in the cow pasture, in thistles, hiding my tears from the callous wind
Dreaming of sleek wolves and luscious blackberries,
Dreaming of sitting in an ancient cypress tree by the bayou
Dangling feet in cool green water
Dragonfly landing on the slender reeds
My dreaming recedes

Now I can taste the memory of the past
A flicker of magic, a faded silhouette of soft skin and searing kisses
Over and over again, I fall over the cliff into those memories
A dream of pretty girls with innocence wrapped around their hearts

I walked along the willow path
The river flowing like black ominous sadness
I remember her whispers
Her soft cheek against mine
Secretive elusive wild rabbit
Fleeting glimpse into my hollow past
Innocence slipping through my fingers like mist

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