Kiss the Boot
by Tom Murphy

Ya’ve got four or five lumps
of coal deep down that stocking
toe, ya’d better get limber to play
a round or two of Kiss the Boot.

Sock stroke the bully’s face, sing
That jingle, rub raw their façade,
Singin’ till that bully beats you
Off like swarms of gnats, ya give

‘em Townshend’s windmill
arm-swing gob-smack,
singin’ that twinkle eye tune,
Kiss the Boot. Kiss the Boot.

When they stagger to the floor,
Circumnavigate ‘em another cycle
Kiss the Boot. Kiss the Boot.
Once or thrice over the head,

It’s time to be polite and sing,
Kiss the Boot. Blood splattered
Everywhere, slicken the floor
Playin’ Kiss the Boot. Kiss the Boot.

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