What Julia Says
by Aaron Glover

Julia says she said “this
is French cooking
Do not
be afraid of French cooking”
but Julia
I am on to you

I’ve figured you out
You told women
who thought French cooking
too foreign too difficult
cuisine to cower before
another closed door to
sneak beyond certainly
never a place to belong

you told them
in your roller coaster voice
so full of certainty
and outright joy
you told them “this
is how
and this”
Your commentary
bordered on royal decree
and these women
marched into your
sovereign forces
whisks and ramekins in hands

I have read your cookbooks
watched you make kitchen magic
on television
I see the truth of what did
When the bread
didn’t raise when
the chicken hit the floor
"This” you said
"is how to cook
Do not be afraid of anything”

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