Blaze Of Glory
by Foster Piekarski

Same old song, same old dance.
‘Legislators in a quandary over the billions
to restore Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas
in the aftermath of hurricane…’
Same old shit, different day.
Cool new music video on my iPod.
‘O beautiful for spacious skies…’
Same old FUBAR, same old SNAFU.
Insurgents beheaded another…
‘For amber waves of grain…’
‘The President will use his radio
broadcast in an attempt to rally
support for the war in Iraq…’
‘For purple mountain majesties…’
Same old war, different year,
Brand new bodies, brand new blood.
Family gatherings in the graveyards…
‘Above the fruited plain…’
Man, I can watch movie trailers
on my cell phone…
‘America! America!’
‘Sarge is down, Sarge is down…
oh Jesus, oh Jesus – MEDIC!’
‘God shed His grace on thee…’
Hey, check out my new wheels…
‘Legislators on the Hill today expressed
concern over the possible assault
on Roe vs. Wade in light of the
anti-abortion vote in South Dakota…’
‘And crown thy good with brotherhood…’
I’m headed for South Padre Island
for Spring Break.
‘From sea to shining sea…’

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