Why I Hate Wal-Mart
by Dorothy Alexander

Too shiny, too efficient, too convenient, too much
stuff. More than too much. Too many choices. All
the clerks dressed in matching outfits, it’s stifling,
too cut and dried for my taste. Too damned perfect.

No. I want to go to Hannawalt’s Hardware & Variety
on Main Street, next door to Bertha’s Cut-Rite Hair
Solon, and hear Bill Hannawalt himself say, we’re out
of those right now because we haven’t had a call for one
in ages, or we don’t keep them on hand because they dry
up too quick, or he might tell me to try Buster Tidwell’s
Lumber Yard. Anyway, I know they will order it special
for me and when it comes in next week, Betty will see me
on the street, come out on the sidewalk and shout at me,
Your stuff came in today. You want me to put it on your bill?

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