Yankee Tickets Are The Bomb
by Dennis J Bernstein

Brooksy’s pushing counterfeit Yankee tickets.
He’s shaking a pair in the faces of a Japanese
Couple at Penn Station. He’s got them cattycorner
against the popcorn machines, at Mac's Smoke Stack.
“Front--- Row--- Seats---,” Brooksy proclaims,
trying to leap the language barrier by pumping up the volume;
“they’re really the bomb,” he repeats: “THE BOMB.” Again,
he flaps the bogus tickets in front of the couple’s noses:
The Japanese man is nodding as if he’s about to bite the bait,
but his wife’s whole body is shaking an unequivocal No!
She remembers the real bomb, and the front row seats
the American Yankee’s gave her entire family
sixty years ago in Nagasaki.

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