It's a Wrap
by Rose Mary Boehm

Eight months, three days and four hours.
Pre-production not included.

Actors arrived, set designer
and his crew, costume ladies, make-up,
hair... Director of course.

Locals hovered. Did you see him?
Gorgeous. She’s just adorable,
so friendly. Wouldn’t have thought.

A few more weeks. Greta hated that bitch
Mylene who always made her look bad.

Steven’s boyfriend couldn’t
make it. No-one else on the set.
Can you believe this?

The leads had been into each other
from when they shot the seduction
scene. Limited crew. The director got
close, the camera a close-up.
Liaison brought in more condoms.

The German guy is hot. They’re queuing
to get laid. Holy dickhead, this is nothing.
Did you crew on Heaven’s Gate?

Last day of shoot. It’s in the bag. Rushes
look good. Wrap party. Champagne,
sandwiches without crusts, white powder.
Annie wears almost a skirt. Jason lies stoned
in a corner of changing room number two.

Back home will they understand
complicity, proximity
and pheromones?

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