After a Question Robin Posted on her Facebook Page
by Alan Gann

Have you kissed this shining day square on the lips
this tired, dusky day, this thunderstorm-hurricane
it’s-not-the-heat-it’s-the-humidity day
Have you?

Have you run your tongue along every intimate fold of this wild night
this too mean, too neon, over-the-falls, my-god-she-said-yes night
this frogs croaking, cherry ice cream, opium pipe, shooting star night?
Have you?

Have you opened your arms and thrown yourself against
this uncaring arc of planets and stars—
this yawning canyon, rising tower, tumbling wave
this turned secret, broken teardrop, beating drum
this brick wall, this grackled oak, this endless highway?

Have you rubbed noses, bumped butts, and high fived your silly life?
Have you? Really
Well shake it out and choke on the dust
Rip your sleeves, spill your latte and burn your journal
Wail like a grieving mother
Sing like forbidden fruit just before it is bitten
Rev and rev and jump on those squealing tires
Stand frozen while everything else hurtles by
Spin like centuries
like a child, like a tornado, like a galaxy
Spin like a coin tossed in the air
Spin like a washing machine
then leap into the mud and laugh.


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