High Art
by Stacy Fentress

Your conversation seems so stilted
How does it feel to have an obsession
that is meaningless?
Everything is about networking
earning money
and popularity
with a crowd that is every bit as phony
and superficial
as you are.
I hate the way you put me off
so sure of your superiority.
Talking to me wastes your time.
In case you haven’t noticed,
I can’t stand to be near you.
I’m not intimidated
by your imagined greatness.
I’m put off by it
What’s it all for?
Music is one thing, but this?
I haven’t seen anything
real or true or heartfelt
since I’ve been here
Everything asks for more
It isn’t about art or passion
it’s about status and money.
So, how does it feel
to be meaningless,
Are you so sure of yourself now?
I know where I stand,
regardless of where you think I stand.
There are a lot of things
more important than this one
and I plan to see all of them.

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