by Stephanie Sellars

    We started out as one,
    as nature dictates
    but on separation day
    there was piercing light--
    I resented you for that.

    Soon I reentered darkness
    (or it entered me) as defiant
    I wandered seeking myself in other realms

    I never did belong in your realm,
    or the hierarchy I was forced to enter
    every day for twelve years
    where I remained a silent sheep
    following the ways of the herd,
    the labels of adolescence
    self vacillating from wannabees
    to timid trees, bird
    on the edge of your nest,
    rejecting the worms
    you forced down my throat.

    but I knew nothing then

    Today I write brighter words
    you praise a less selfish scribe
    you've visited my realm,
    were intrigued by it
    and even took pains
    to create your own,
    you invested your dreams
    despite my iniquities
    you always knew your little lamb
    had black wool underneath
    finally, after twenty-two years,
    we join horizons.

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