The Dilemma of Impressing an Indian Mom in Law
by Rinzu Rajan

They are born
with a conclusive concept
that bide
with an organ of vision
insolent intelligence is lettered
into their light,
with their literacy
extending towards
the craft of cooking
or cultured clothing.

Dedication to be their
son's first cup of coffee
would earn you an extra edge
defeat your dreams
of being a careerist
your forehead will surely be kissed
if the chapter of child birth
is learned with a capital
she will authenticate you
with her autograph.

With your first meet, she would
expect a sari's septum
and a mute cat's silence
she would shrug you
for a significant spell of sagacity
sometimes judging you
by the funnels of fairness creams,
many times by the lobsters
lumped in your throat
the eternal Indian Mom in law
is a snobbish swindle
whose noetic nuisance
mirrors a mishap of a miscarriage
leading to the birth of
a momma's boy.

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