Identity Replacement
by Sander Blome

Light rays bounce off our biosphere’s best outer fold,
Corpuscles below pulse and pirate, command
Without weapons, beyond war - above
Space infinite seeks compromise.

Choose below, above, or the boundary,
Each choice only for good, no pyre inextinguishable;
Crowds assemble in lines grabbing at pills,
Light rays melt ice at absolute zero.

I rocket to space – satellites track my progress.
Outside of time, my first decision not to tarry,
Communal rips defeat exteriors should we return,
Even light rays expire unless partnered and solvent.

No race exists. Individuality shames, boundaries
Dismiss. Incense replaces goals – chaotic rhythms
Supplant order achieved sagely. What a great smash!
We make do, no more, and regain our tribute.

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