How to Texas Barbecue a Poem
by Jack Ritter

Start with crisp words.
Short ones work best.
Lay them out in lean strips.
Order is important.

Agitate strips slightly.
If result is cloudy,
skim off slag.

Briskly dice some thyme!
Slice a gala lime!
Wasn't that fun?

Now throw out the thyme, the lime, all of it.
Stop chirping.
Where did you think you were?

A few rules of thumb:
_______Two layers of meaning is enough.
_______Use rhyme sparingly.
_______No spurs in the kitchen.

Let the strips ferment in back of mind.
Do not over ruminate.
Entire mix can turn rancid.

Serve as many as possible-
tastes can widely vary.
Best when served with Dos Equis.

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