"Gov. Perry's Response"
by Brian Fanelli

y<i>On Feb. 25, 2013, 17 inches of snow blanketed Amarillo, Texas, breaking the previous record of 10 inches recorded in 1903, according to the National Weather Service.</i>

I look at the sky, question what sins
my state committed to deserve this,
first droughts and summers hotter
than debate stage lights,
now blizzards.
I clasp my hands, bow my head,
say, Lord, make it stop.
I don’t have the trucks to haul the snow,
or the workers to shovel it all.
I wielded my pen like a knife,
shredded and slashed budget after budget.
Now I can’t get to the governor’s mansion,
not in my pick-up, not in a plow truck,
not in my snakeskin boots.
I hear Texans talkin’ about climate change
and I know only the Lord
can control this weather, can make it stop.
Folks will quit chattering, keep quiet
after we dig out. They’ll hush up and forget,
like they always do, until the next blizzard or drought.

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