living is?
by Debra-Elisabeth Glassco

when you look at where the grasses meet the
edge of the sky and remember someone or something
long gone like a photograph in your head looking
so hard that you can never look away

conquered successes sitting in your yard like a
bush or tree and you on the porch watching and
having a fit because nothing feels different and
still no one notices you

when you realize that just like everyone else
you've known you are afraid and embarrassed and
admittedly not as clever as you thought you were

when you 're standing at the sink washing
your face and in the process wash away all the
philosophies and words that you thought made up
your life and decide to start new

when you plod endlessly through frigid
days until you come upon the hopeful moment
when you thaw just a little while resting in the
nape of the familiar

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