Dancing With the Dishes
by Sunnie Dawn Smith

I dance the length of the kitchen—
___my free form pseudo hippie festival dance
____with no inhibitions,
______no worries,
________no restrictions—
and you follow me with your two week old eyes.
You would wonder at my sanity if you knew the word or concept,
__but you don’t,
____so I continue.
And I would
__even if you did know.

There are so many things I can’t wait to show you:
__the weird and wonderfulness that is Bjork,
____the magic in the making of a blueberry pie,
______the exotic secrets that fill the house after a meal of chicken curry.
Most of all, though, is the lesson to be yourself
__and not care what anyone,
____even me,
And, also, how incredibly important is it to always,
Dance while doing the dishes.

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