We Want To Remain What/How We Are*
by Jeffrey Foster Burr

imagine you are in a car and you are driving
sometimes it takes days

to find the mirror, what we see
in the negative is what we can’t believe

the music swells
we saw them dancing

imagine you had taken the train in the afternoon
leaving was needed you always said

returning because it required silence

confirmation that the voice when
kept to the interior can become glass

you are in a room and you are laughing, smiling
crying, closing or opening your eyes

there is an arrangement to your hands
holding a letter that comes and goes

the world is arriving backwards
is falling yet certain things remain

passing the winter in strange cities

a coat is becoming an orange coat
a woman wearing it leaves in another direction
in a window through rains

*“Mir welle bleiwe wat mir sinn” - National motto of Luxembourg

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