by Paul Koniecki

from the latin
meaning blue gold fish
in a time of sinkholes
piloting a bathysphere
at the bottom of a trench
beside a yellow
moon washed fallow lea
with delmore schwartz
and a kaleidoscope

fine remembrance
ocular history
aspect of light
visual perception
i am inverted
underwater university
each day i fall in stasis
like cistern or a well

vertiginous tunnel
my hands are badgers
clawing badgers
at an opening
smelling vaguely
of greek fire and you

marker in time
indigenous wet hare ghost lover
fast runner celebration of firsts
submersible rabbit
amphibious brain pilot
anno domini
discarnate offspring
incarnate scribe
my chest is an echo
my chest is an acre
of land time remembers
pulling badger hearts
and blue gold fish
to the bottom
of a bottomless

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