Love Song
by Damon McLaughlin

After sweet potato and chick pea curry
over coconut jasmine rice
a bath with pine scented candles
Miles’ “Stella by Starlight”

after a foot massage tunes my fingertips
and each high arch is read like a hymnal
and a small choir is singing

after my palms are two warm stones in the pool
of your back above the buttocks
and the flat knot under your left scapula
slides away a rough and tarnished token

after I remove the red loop from your hair
and your hair cascades into me as if I am the sea
and you this burgeoning delta

after the boy falls asleep and the girl interrupts
with her visions and claims
she must be tucked into an egg so to stretch like a moonbird

after the door clicks shut
like a tiny locket

you go where you go with your iPhone
I go where I go with my Merlot

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