Red River Review

Welcome to our 50th Issue!

1Reading a Poem* by Kevin Acers
2On the Anniversary of my Death by David Adès
3November by Carol Alexander
4____ Anniversary by Carol Alexander
5Memorial Day Eve by Jeffrey Alfier
6Courting Disaster: For the 63rd Anniversary of My Birth by Gilbert Allen
7Clumsy by Andrea L. Alterman
8Temporary Employment Status by Andrea L. Alterman
9Sepia Photograph by Gloria Bennett
10 El Salvado, 1980 by Dennis J Bernstein
1169 Years Ago In Nagasaki by Dennis J Bernstein
12Ten Years Without The Dawn by Dennis J Bernstein
13A Year After Her Father Died by Travis Blair
14He never forgot their anniversary by Rose Mary Boehm
15Abandoned Anniversary by David Bowles
16A Class Birthday by Jerry Bradley
17Have You Heard the One by Jerry Bradley
18Curse by Lorraine Caputo
19Hephaestus by liza bachman caruthers
20Directions by Michael Catherwood
21Tamper-Resistant by Johnson Cheu
22Anniversary Memory by Tobi Cogswell
23Cadillac Days by Tobi Cogswell
24Vignettes of Autumn Equinox in These Woods We Once Called Home by V. P. Crowe
25Baby Land, Rosehill Cemetery by Jeffrey Daniel DeLotto
26Birthday by Christina Frei
27She Knew She Wanted a Horse: Filming a Birthday Short by Lucia Galloway
28Swimming with the Tiger by Alan Gann
29Birthday by Zola Gonzalez-Macarambon
30The Tow Path by Ray Greenblatt
31A Few Days after the Funeral by Ken Hada
32Of Rodents and Songbirds by Ken Hada
33Talking to My Dead Sister on the Anniversary of Her Death by Pat Hanahoe-Dosch
34String Quartet No. 1 by michael helsem
35Anniversity by Ed Higgins
36Fairer Sex by Ann Howells
37Hearing Scott Joplin--on the anniversary of your death by Ann Howells
38In the Unemployment Line--month three by Ann Howells
39On the Anniversary of My Father's Death by Peter Huggins
40Homemade by Catherine Jarrell
41Walloomsac by Brian P. Katz
42My Poem and You In It by Charles Kesler
43Anniversary by Steve Klepetar
44Seven Years by Steve Klepetar
45anniversary by Paul Koniecki
46Alignment by Hillary Lyon
47One Year After (for will inman) by Hillary Lyon
48Ritual by Anne McCrady
49Love Song by Damon McLaughlin
50Date of Death: September 11, 2001 by Mimi Moriarty
51Pier Fifty-four by Alexander Motyl
52Second Thoughts by Marti Noel
53The Door To Time by JoyAnne O'Donnell
54Ode to a '68 VW Bus by Dave Oliphant
55Golden by Eric Otto
56Sonnet for Jasper, Texas by Karen Bingham Pape
57Anniversary by Allan Peterson
58After Firty Years by Martin A. Ramos
59I Remember by Michael Renshaw
60look; one of many by Marit Rogne
6110:07pm, Monday, March 22, 2010 by S. Robert Sacco
62Calendars and Stuff by Jeff Santosuosso
63Burying the Ghost by Richard Schnap
64Two Years Later by Dawn Schout
65The anniversary of anniversaries by Jay Sizemore
66Why birthdays are sad by Jay Sizemore
67My Summer of Seventeen by Amy Stone
68"On Our Silver" by Larry D. Thomas
69Anniversary of a Death by Richard Toth
70Dark Summer's Days by Anca Vlasopolos
71Rain Filled Year by Eva Waldauf
72Emptied by Loretta Diane Walker
73Clearview by Rob Walker
74I Am a Hunger Reenactor by Jessica L. Walsh
75Lingers by Diane Webster
76Minnows Dart by Diane Webster
77Tenth Anniversary by Scott Wiggerman
78Afterward by Madonna Wilt
79Fresh Peaches by Clarence Wolfshohl
80To My Daughter on Her Birthday by Clarence Wolfshohl
8110th Anniversary by Anna Yin

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.