Invisible Man
by Gregory Phillips

Invisible Man.
Brother Ralph wrote the story
some fifty years ago.

Brother Malcolm said,
if we change how we see
ourselves, they’d have no choice
but to see us differently.

Brother Martin, had a dream, he hoped, we’d be judged by
the content of our character, not the color
of our skin.

Brother James encouraged us to
create the kind of person we want to be,
despite what they say.

Invisible Man.
By any means necessary.
I Have A Dream.
Fire Next Time. It all makes sense.

As we move into the Twenty-First century,
we still see ourselves through the eyes of others.

We wear Armani suits,
monogrammed shirts,
Nike sneakers,
drive Lexus’
and on Sunday’s,
walk the greens,
winning the title of Master.

Yet, continue to greet each other with,
“What’s up my Nigga?”
Perpetuating the myth of the
Invisible Man!

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