Eyes like pigeons
by Liza Bachman

in the last stall
eyes swollen
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxgray, fat,
glinting bloodshot
considerate gaping wrists dangling in the bowl
kneeling, poised,
limp pallor
xxxWhat right?
xxxxxxxxxxWhat right?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxrats with wings
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxfoul, useless birds
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxdeface monuments to the dead
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxswarm like locusts or cockroaches
fouler than grackles
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxacross the pale, flaccid South
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxstudents scream
teachers call the authorities
hold back bile
think blame across the city
xxxxxxxWhat right?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxWhat right?
xxxxxxxan economic burden no longer
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxgray downy plaid
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxnuisance of feathers and feces
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxbloated young stuffed away in nests
xxxxxxwhitewashed statuesque gray corpse
staring last eternity
white basin
red-black water
a uniform barely stained

There was not a drop on the gray, tile floor.

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