From You
by Terry Brix

    From the lines slowly disappearing on your face,
    I know sleep is erasing worries journaled breath by breath.
    From the way your hair curls tightly to your scalp,
    You have been too coiled with tension this winter.
    From the way you toss and turn, bucking fear
    I know your daughters are needing, calling, pulling you.
    From the way your lips are pursed in slumber,
    You have been talking to me in your dreams.
    From the way your feet with red painted toes twitch
    Peeking from comforter confines, I know you need to get away.
    From the naked contours of you on your side,
    I listen in the night, my ears watch you exhale all of this into me.
    Nothing is said just the McKenzie River white noise,
    Me using the moonlight to translate you to me.

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