Photograph: Julia Osgothorpe
by Rodney Waschka_II

    From the Huntingdon County Gaol Records, unknown photographer, 1872.
    (Cambridgeshire County Constabulary)


    _____________Archer Robin, dead six sad centuries
    _____________too early to help Julia, haunt
    _____________the judge's ghost.
    _____________Julia, let large loaves lie about you
    _____________in Elysian Fields.
    _____________The anonymous maker -
    _____________let him stay so.

    The surveilled subject cataloged
    with current crimes
    and heights and slightly
    more. Frozen under form
    type: "Photograph of Prisoner", folded
    hands politely resting,
    portrait of power-
    lessness. Blanks betraying as much:

    "Married or Single....[blank]
    Trade or Occupation....[blank]
    Hair....Lt. Brown, Eyes....Grey, Where Born...Nottingham,
    Complexion....Fresh, Age (on discharge)....

    Foucault, Derrida, and Barthes said
    something. I can't hear them now, only
    Dickens and Hugo. How hungry, hounded,
    had her family been on Christmas,
    on New Year's Day?

    "Address at time of apprehension....Grantham
    Whether summarily disposed of or tried by a jury....summarily
    Place and date of conviction....Huntingdon, 2nd of January 1872
    Offence for which convicted....Stealing bread."

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