del rio
by Rex Pryor

    the hispanics
    from mexico
    have taken over
    the del rio
    (the apartments down
    from the vacated strip mall)
    last sunday
    we drove by
    and saw them
    playing sandlot ball
    with their children
    they move
    light on their feet
    uncle says
    the are taking over
    the roofing business too
    so light on their feet
    they walk
    straight up
    the roofs
    and disappear
    over the peeks
    they are getting
    all the business
    uncle says
    he really doesn't
    give a shit
    he ain't roofing
    anymore anyway
    he is staying
    on the ground
    uncle says
    the hispanics
    work hard
    cause they have
    been less fortunate
    have known hard times
    uncle says
    america is spoiled
    and will (in time)
    do the same
    to the hispanics
    from mexico
    uncle says
    probably by this time
    next year

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