A Good Job
by Daniel A. Olivas

          Come, D.,
          get in.
          It's just for
          a few hours.
          Six, max.
          I promise.

          D. looks
          at his mother's

          Here? he

          His mother's
          eyes dart about.
          Take this bag of
          Doritos and two
          7-Ups. Just a few
          hours, D.. Okay?
          Mama's gotta'

          Okay, he says.
          The boy climbs
          into the trunk
          of the old, white

          Just for a few
          hours, baby.
          D. nods and
          clutches the
          bag of chips.

          She closes the
          trunk slowly
          and pushes hard
          until it clicks.

          Mama loves you,
          she says as she
          walks down the
          street to the glass
          and steel building
          on the corner.
          Mama loves her
          big boy.

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