Editor's Note
by Bob McCranie

Dear Readers and Contributors,

This issue has been delayed and I wanted to apologize for keeping everyone waiting. After last November's elections I was very down. Like many of you I have written about the state of our nation and our world, but I found that I needed to be more active. So I became involved in a local election for Mayor of the City of Carrollton in Texas. The son of our current congressman with relatively little experience was running against a woman with several years of experience and specialized knowledge about the problems of our city. The race took three months of volunteer time and ended on May 7th. We won by the slimmest margin possible, but we won. It may not impact the larger world or bring our troops home any faster, but I feel like I made a difference and prevented another voice for the extreme right from continuing his political climb. This is why I was delayed in reading and publishing this issue. Again, I apologize and I'll get Red River Review back on schedule with the August 2005 issue.

Bob McCranie


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