Urban Sprawl ( part 2)
by Julie Walczesky

Bidding farewell to 157.3 acres
(with house and pond)

Builders have arrived
and daily grinding
begins at 7 am sharp

earth-movers eating years
and trees are snatched
by grasp and pull
of metal death on wheels

guided by greed
and parent's desire
for better schools
and fresher air,they tear down
and then build up

people come in droves
and people come en masse
and they come in SUV's,
with multi-function DVD's
remote keyless entry and
5.7 liter Hemi quad cams

they come
without their restaurants
and they come
without their malls
then they raze and they grind

they mow, they pave
they haul away
they sterilize and cauterize
and build up more
of what they intentionally
left behind.

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