"V.G. Found"
by L.David Ryals

Utopia isn't round the corner
I shall paint infinity

I shall                    obtain a mysterious effect
Like a star in the deep blue sky.

Between being a good painter
Or a bad one, I choose
The first.  And yet,
Be clearly aware of the stars
And infinity on high.

Those who don't believe
In the sun here are
Quite godless.

Achieving glory is something
Like shoving the lighted end of
A cigar into one's
Mouth while smoking.

With a touch of the eternal
We try to convey the very
Radiances and vibrancy
Of our coloring.

I am                    always caught between
Two currents of thought
To express the love of
Two lovers by the marriage
Of complementary colors

To express hope by some star.

I let myself go without giving
Thought to a single rule.
I no longer have doubts
This feeling could well grow.

The whole of life is just a matter
Of the right equations.

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